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Anybody can be a Dirty Girl!

It’s true!  Well, technically, I guess guys can only be Dirty Dudes but you know what I mean!  Dirty Girls come in different shapes and sizes and different fitness levels as well.  We run, we walk really fast (I have long legs), we jog, we hike slowly.  Sometimes it’s a kick butt, hardcore workout and other times it is a hike intended to truly enjoy and take in the sights and sounds of the trail as well as the company of our peers. (Both of these are a workout.)  We all have a different definition of what that kick butt work out is to us and we all have a different need when we hit the trail or the water.  It just depends on what will refresh and invigorate us at any given moment.

Sarcoscypha coccinea, the scarlet cup fungus! I googled it!  http://botit.botany.wisc.edu/toms_fungi/apr98.html
Sarcoscypha coccinea, the scarlet cup fungus!
I googled it! http://botit.botany.wisc.edu/toms_fungi/apr98.html

We have been having a wide variety of Dirty People turn up for the free trail hikes and we LOVE that!!  It seems like a few Dirty Girls might be feeling a little “less than” because they are slower that others.  THAT IS NOT THE GOAL OF THIS!  By coming out, by showing up, by joining in you are all AMAZING!  By getting yourself out and moving in the great outdoors you are taking care of business!  Remember, we are in this because we are taking good care of ourselves!!  Dirty Girls or Dirty Dudes, our goals are varied – fitness, fresh air, fun, adventure, friends!  Don’t let your fitness level keep you home!  If you walk a quarter mile in the time it takes me to walk a mile it doesn’t matter!  We both moved for all the right reasons!!

Don’t hold yourself back!!  Don’t let negative self talk slow you down!  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else just do what you can do and take good care of yourself!!  This means physically and emotionally.  For me, going outside is relaxing and energizing and refreshing. Hosting trail hikes and other outdoor adventures helps by providing accountability and good company!  Grab a Dirty Girl and get outside!!  Feel empowered and energized!  Get stronger!DSCF4338

Dirty Girls love the trail in the fall… oh, and the water too!


As the season changes, the trail changes.  The colors are different and the things that you can see are different.  It’s also not as humid!  Our weekly Dirty Girl Trail Club has been maintaining our momentum and drawing more Dirty Girls out to the trail.  We have also been joined by some Dirty Dudes!  We have been focused on increasing our fitness level and getting our heart rates up.  We have also enjoyed the company and comradery out on the trail.  It has been wonderful getting to know new people and long time acquaintances more throughly.  I am excited about the accountability that comes with scheduling an event and having others count on you to be there.  Big plus on the whole Club theory!  Plus, we are exchanging and trading information about activities, options and life in general as  we go along.  One such resource is the Friends of the Kaw website http://kansasriver.org a handy resource about accessing the Kansas River which Dirty Girls love!


Two of us Dirty Girls hit Lake Perry on Saturday and enjoyed the warm, clear fall day on Lake Perry.  The migratory birds are interesting, currently the black wing-tipped pelicans are in town.  They are pretty amazing, their wing span is six feet from tip to tip!   Of course I continue to love the Great Blue Herons, they are sort of mysterious.  They appear graceful in flight but they are awkward at take off and they make an amazing ugly, croaking noise!  Julie and I enjoyed our afternoon, we trekked down a little creek that joins Lake Perry.  Pretty cool to be able to paddle back into an area that generally can’t be accessed.  We also paddled into the wind to an old boat ramp to explore.  Good day.


Hope you have been getting outside to move and enjoy the fall weather!  If you haven’t, get on it!!  Grab a Dirty Girl and go outside!!

Dirty Girl Half Day Hike!

In case you missed this on the Adventures page… here is the plan!  Register asap!

Dirty Girl Half-Day Hike

Join Dirty Girls for a day on the trail.  We will hike through the late afternoon along the beautiful Lake Perry Trail (we will do approximately 1/3 of this 27 mile trail). The trail is easy to difficult with rocky and hilly terrain.  Our pace will be moderate as we enjoy the scenery and each other.  We will end at the Dirty Girls Camp at Dirty Girls Camp at the Military Trail Head with a campfire, a hot and delicious dinner and great company.  Oh, and we will have twinkle lights!

Fee:  $10 dinner only  or $25 includes event specific Swag!

Includes:  Dinner:  Pulled pork, salad, veggies and potatoes with dessert.  BYOB

What: 9ish mile hike (estimated time 4-5 hours)

Where:  We will meet at the Military Trail Head of of Ferguson Rd at 12:30pm.  We will leave our cars and carpool to the Longview Trail Head near Apple Valley Farm.  From there, we will hike approximately 9 miles back to the Military Trail and the Dirty Girl Camp Site.  We will then enjoy a warm campfire and a delicious dinner and some time around the fire with each other.

When:  October 13th, 2013 Start time 12:30pm anticipated finish including dinner 8pm (ish)

Register by October 7th, 2013 email deniseselbeekoch@gmail.com

Bring:  Water, bug spray, a chair, and your choice of beverage (I’m bringing wine!)

Tips:  Please plan to wear long pants and dress in layers.  You are guaranteed to hit stick tights, brush up against poison ivy and some stickers.  Bring clothes to change into when we hit the Dirty Girl Camp and a bag for your dirties.

This is a level 3 activity!

This event will be held regardless of temperature.  Precipitation on the day of the event will cancel it.  Any other cancellation will be at least 24 hours in advance.

Come on out and join the Dirty Girls!  Email deniseselbeekoch@gmail.com to register!

ImageThis is the view from the trail heading out of  Longview Camp!

Fall is here! Finally!

Hello Dirty Girls!  We have been hitting the trail pretty frequently lately.  The weather is finally changing into fall and the trail is extra appealing at this time of year.  I love the cooler weather.  I also love the leaves falling and the sunlight filtering through onto the trail.  When I am out in the woods, moving and breathing I fill full of life and joy.  Saturday we hiked/jogged about five miles then some of us did a short three mile mountain bike ride.  It was an excellent venture and while we were physically challenged it felt great!

Dirty Girl Adventures is progressing and taking form.  An actual written down business plan is making it’s way out of my brain!  The logo is almost done which will give rise to business cards, brochures and flyers!  Not to mention some pretty cool swag!  Everyone wants a Dirty Girl Adventures shirt!  I am very excited about the Half Day on the Trail event that is coming up October 13th!  I am actually getting ready to head out there this afternoon to do a test run on the trail.  I am sure that it is overgrown in some places and it would no doubt be a bummer to get lost in the woods with a lot of dirty girls!  Here is a shot from the trail we will be hiking.  There are gorgeous views along the lake!  


Hope you are feeling strong and spending some time each day doing something that makes you feel alive and full of joy!


(This is just a happy fall sunset.  Light is fading earlier and earlier, better get outside now or find a head lamp!)

Fall is a great time for a hike!

Hello!  We have had some great times on the trail lately.  Even though the weather has become “suddenly summer”, it has been great to get outside.  I am, however, eagerly waiting for true fall to come with cooler temperatures, crisp nights and changing foliage, ie:  less brush and bugs!  Dirty Girls have taken to the trail for both a slower, short hike of 3 miles and a longer more intensive Saturday hike of about 5 miles.  It is working out to have both fast (runners) and slower (woggers and hikers) as long as we plan our route in advance.  It has been nice to catch up with a variety of people on the trail as well!  I can’t wait for the Dirty Girls Half Day on the Trail in October!  Making plans now for food and comfort at the end of the trail.

Dirty Girls and Dirty Kids!
The view from the trail!

I have determined that I have been a slacker this summer! I need more time on the trail. Especially if I am going to go on a ten mile hike with the Dirty Girls October 13th! I am also planning to participate in the Bonkhard Racing Perfect 10 Rogaine Event on October 19th – it is a ten hour maximum orienteering event. Unlike an adventure race, which includes biking and paddling, this is an all trekking event. It is in the Lake of the Ozarks State Park, which should be absolutely beautiful (and hillllly!).  I better get my butt in gear!

I hope that you are finding some time to explore the trails near you or at least get outside to enjoy the gorgeous world!

More Dirty Girls!
More Dirty Girls!

It’s the FIRST post!!

Hello all you Dirty Girls!!  I am so VERY excited about this new endeavor and I am SO thankful for the already amazing response from all of you out there!!  Our trademark and logo are pending but in the works which is awesome and a little bit scary.  I have been thinking and dreaming about doing something like this for a long time now and suddenly it’s happening.  It wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for my most awesome and amazing Original Dirty Girls.

Me with two of the Original Dirty Girls last summer!
Me with two of the Original Dirty Girls last summer!

These friends are so wonderful and supportive and they are full of energy and creativity.  Here are some of the things we are working on right now…

First, the trademark of Dirty Girl Adventures and our almost done logo.  This will be amazing and will lead directly to some fabulous Dirty Girl swag – most excitedly for me at the moment a t-shirt and a decal!

Also, we are working out the details of membership in this great adventure club.  We will soon have memberships for local and distant Dirty Girls.  With membership you will get some cool stuff (mostly as of yet undetermined but obviously including the decal and t-shirt which will doubtless be amazing)!  It has been very interesting thus far… chatting with various women about this idea.  It would appear that either you are a Dirty Girl or you’re not!  Some women just look at me like it is the weirdest thing they have ever heard.  This is when I change the subject.  Other women are immediately SUPER, OVERWHELMINGLY EXCITED!  These are obviously the true DIRTY GIRLS!  Obviously we must UNITE!

Next, we are discussing the need for development of Dirty Girl Chapters.  I’m not yet sure how this will work but it seems like a good idea.   How else will we find Dirty Girls from across the country?

Dirty Girls on Lake Perry Kansas
Dirty Girls on Lake Perry Kansas

I am already planning an adventure in Colorado for next summer.  Dirty Girls Do Pike’s Peak!  Seems like a pretty hard core activity, hiking a 14’er but it will no doubt be amazing.  The research and planning portion of this adventure is already underway.  In addition, future travels will definitely include a little jaunt into the Smoky Mountains to retreat in a super cute and comfy cabin while hiking on the Appalachian trail!

One thing to remember is that Dirty Girls can dream big dreams!  The trick is to take the next step and make the dreams come true!!   Make some time for yourself today, go outside and get dirty! Here are a couple of pictures of past adventures to inspire you!  I am going to hop on the Harley and ride today.  What are you going to do?

Bald Eagles on Perry Lake  Kansas.
Bald Eagles on Perry Lake Kansas.