Fall is here! Finally!

Hello Dirty Girls!  We have been hitting the trail pretty frequently lately.  The weather is finally changing into fall and the trail is extra appealing at this time of year.  I love the cooler weather.  I also love the leaves falling and the sunlight filtering through onto the trail.  When I am out in the woods, moving and breathing I fill full of life and joy.  Saturday we hiked/jogged about five miles then some of us did a short three mile mountain bike ride.  It was an excellent venture and while we were physically challenged it felt great!

Dirty Girl Adventures is progressing and taking form.  An actual written down business plan is making it’s way out of my brain!  The logo is almost done which will give rise to business cards, brochures and flyers!  Not to mention some pretty cool swag!  Everyone wants a Dirty Girl Adventures shirt!  I am very excited about the Half Day on the Trail event that is coming up October 13th!  I am actually getting ready to head out there this afternoon to do a test run on the trail.  I am sure that it is overgrown in some places and it would no doubt be a bummer to get lost in the woods with a lot of dirty girls!  Here is a shot from the trail we will be hiking.  There are gorgeous views along the lake!  


Hope you are feeling strong and spending some time each day doing something that makes you feel alive and full of joy!


(This is just a happy fall sunset.  Light is fading earlier and earlier, better get outside now or find a head lamp!)

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