It’s almost time!

Yes, it is almost time for the first of the big adventures.  The 8 – Mile is in two weeks!!  I am super excited about this first hike!  First, I am excited because this is the start that I have been dreaming of and planning for with my Dirty Mama advisors. Second, because the response has been overwhelmingly positive! We are going to be a very large group!  This will be amazing.  I love sharing the wilderness with people, meeting new people and spending the day surrounded by encouragement and positives.  I just really hope that the weather is dry!


I have had to make some changes in the original plans due to the amazing response – I hope that everyone will have a great time.  With 40 people, your average car pool plan doesn’t seem to fit, the solution will be a surprise!  The Hog Holler Saloon has been totally accommodating and supportive of this venture and will be opening up for us in the morning!  Yay!  I have finished the t-shirt design and they will be ordered tomorrow.  I am eager to receive my club t-shirt and the amazing hoodie!  I love a good hoodie and am due for a new one so this will be especially exciting!  The simple fact that it is purple would make me happy but the fact that it is Dirty Girl swag makes it even more exciting!

Can’t wait for spring and some time on the trail with all the new Dirty Girls!  Oooohhhhh, and summer on the water!  DSC_0003 (2)It is going to be a great adventure season!  So glad that so many have chosen to come along for the ride!


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