Join us for The East Side Eight! Deadline May 2nd!!

Here are the details for the May 10th, East Side Eight!  Read this and sign up asap!  Pre-registration is mandatory!  It should be another GREAT Dirty Girl event!  We can’t wait to see you again or meet you for the first time!  Come outside with us!


Dirty Girls and other Dirty Peeps are invited to hike yet another section of the 29 mile Perry Lake Trail. We will meet at Slough Creek Campground to load the Hikers Party Bus and head for the trail. This east side section of the trail will take us over hill and dale alongside beautiful Lake Perry. We will see some new greenery and blooms as spring comes to Kansas.

DSCF1958[3]The trail is occasionally rough and rocky with steep inclines and declines. It will also take us through some sections that are brushy or beginning to be brushy as spring blooms and grows. One short section is down a “no maintenance road” which is rough and rutted. This is not a run. It is a hike. My anticipation is that we will travel approximately 20-30 minutes per mile. Please consider your fitness level before signing up. If you can’t hike 3 miles in 90 minutes then you might struggle with 8 miles in four hours. We will stop to sight see and rest as we see fit. This event is open to Dirty Girls, Dirty Guys and Dirty Teens. When we arrive at our campground in Slough Creek Park where we will enjoy refreshments and relax while reveling in the glory of our accomplishment!


Deadline for registration is passed!  

Details: Saturday May 10th, 2014, 8:00am check in time!

Registration with Dirty Girl Shirt: $30! This will get you a great day with fun but slightly Dirty Peeps and the potential for some fairly awesome prizes! Dirty Girls do it in the Woods! T-shirt and lunch included in this price!

Registration only: $15 through May 2nd. You already own a great “Dirty Girls do it in the Woods!” T-shirt so wear it! You will be eligible for prizes and you will enjoy the day with the Dirty Peeps! You will also receive a yummy lunch!

Check in: 8:00am at Slough Creek (details in email after you’ve registered)

Hike: 9:30am feet on the trail Lunch: Your registration includes a yummy lunch at the fireSupplies: 2 liters of WATER, comfy hiking shoes, BUG SPRAY, camera, light snacks to power through the 8 miles, charged but turned off phone for emergencies or photos, lawn chair and a beverage of your choice for fireside enjoyment. Water will be furnished post hike.


Registration is closed!  😀

Down and Dirty 3 Mile – Deadline Extended!

Join Dirty Girl Adventures for a GREAT short hike!  This hike is designed to meet the needs of every Dirty Girl!  This event is for Dirty Girls ONLY! Invite your daughters and your mothers but no Dirty Dudes!  😀  This is a hike and motivational activity!  

We will have a lovely, three mile hike through the woods and some quality time together around the campfire with refreshments when we are done.

Are you a Dirty Girl with no interest in taking a LONG hike?  This one is for YOU! Are you a Dirty Girl interested in being outside with a group of AWESOME women? This one is for YOU!  Do you have a friend who is interested in checking out the Dirty Girls but not yet ready for an 8 mile hike?  Bring her along!

You can walk, run or crawl this three mile loop near gorgeous Lake Perry.  We will walk the first .4 miles on pavement, then 2.2 on trail and then .6 on pavement.   The trail is rocky, hilly and somewhat challenging but offers several benches and resting spots.  There is plenty of scenery and several handy stopping points to rest and take in the view.  We will provide trail support for the entire distance.

Details: Saturday, April 26th, 2014, 1:00pm – 5:00ish

3:00 is the anticipated end time for most hikers and it is when the door prizes will be awarded.  This hike will include some special social time together around the fire.  We are going to spend some time relaxing and getting to know one another.  We will also share some motivational stories and encouragement with each other. Please plan to hang out!!

Registration:  $10 by April 20th!  This will get you a great day with fun but slightly Dirty Peeps and the potential for some fairly awesome prizes!

Check in: 12:00pm Slough Creek Park Perry Lake – details after registration via email

Hike: 1:00pm

Snacks:  Available at the Dirty Girl Campfire after the hike!  Water will be provided and you can bring your choice of beverages for around the fire.

Supplies:  Comfy chair for around the fire, WATER, beverage of choice for fireside relaxation, comfy hiking shoes, camera, charged but turned off phone for emergencies or photos, another would be Dirty Girl friend!


Dirty Mamas go camping!

Well, it’s a Dirty job but someone has to do it!  Myself and the Dirty Mama’s took a road trip to Indian Cave State Park in Nebraska. 20140328_181452 Our goal?  A good time, a great hike, quality time together and reconnaissance for a future Dirty Girl Club event!  We smashed all of our gear into the truck – needless to say Dirty Mama’s have a tendency to be over prepared! So we had a lot of stuff! 10006266_10203223781332494_1544734481_n We set up our camp and got a good fire started.  I was happy to see that my little home made fire starters worked great!  I saved toilet paper tubes, stuffed them full of dryer lint then poured melted wax (Pink Zebra Sprinkles that didn’t smell sweet any more) over both ends – sealing in the lint.  Ka-Pow!  Free fire starters!

IMG_20140329_220608 We tucked in to some delicious dinner and a bit of wine and great conversation.  It is so wonderful to have such friends as these!  We are able to be our own true selves together.  We are all so different yet we are able to come together and appreciate each other.

DSCF4763We had a pretty cold night. It was in the 20’s overnight and we had frost on the ground when we woke up.  Luckily, Julie is awesome and made us delicious egg, Canadian bacon, cheese English muffins on the fire to go with our amazing french press coffee and cream!  We geared up an headed to the trail.  First stop was the Missouri River, second was the Indian Cave to see the petroglyphs then hike the trails!

DSCF4703 DSCF4715unnamed This was pretty cool.  The Geologic formation is called Loess it is only located in a couple of places in the world.  It is defined as “a loosely compacted yellowish-gray deposit of windblown sediment of which extensive deposits occur, e.g., in eastern China and the American Midwest.”  Did I mention that I am a Geology nerd??  After checking this out, we started hiking the trail – the start of the trail was a pretty big hill.

20140329_130824We made it to the top, which was an amazing view of the Missouri River!  We took a rest, had a snack and kept on going!

20140329_125353It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day for a hike!  The sun was bright and the wind was light.  We hiked all the way back to our camp site along the river.  It was gorgeous. Hiking in early spring is bomb diggity!  No bugs, no brush and the ability to see through the trees makes for a great view.  The trail has multiple camping spots for those who choose to pack it in and there are some Adirondack shelters for camping as well.  Pretty cool trail. 

1510935_10203223779572450_978034345_nIt was a lovely weekend and a lovely state park.  The opportunity to get away from our normal daily lives and to hang out together was awesome.  It is interesting how we are all different but we blend together to better understand each other and ourselves.  Quality time!

There were many things to see…

DSCF4737 DSCF4743 DSCF4744It was funny, after driving 2 hours from home and hiking a couple of hours, we ended at this overlook.  We met a couple of dads and their kids and began chatting.  Hilarious!  They were from home! They were nice and took this picture of us!

DSCF4760 DSCF4751I absolutely love each of these women.  They are each individual, amazing, funny, smart, capable, brave, wise, ridiculous, loving, caring and special to me. They are a gift to me each day.

Sooooooo…. what does our great time have to do with the Dirty Girl Club??  We had such a great time and really, really loved it and we want to share it with the Dirty Girl Club! We are planning a spring retreat to Indian Cave State Park!  We did decide that tent camping in the cold was amazing but possibly overrated so we checked out a local place to stay.  Our first choice is the Lied Lodge in Nebraska City.  It’s close enough to get to Indian Cave State Park and comfy enough to make a Dirty Girl happy!!  I’m working on dates and rates for a very special trip next spring!  It’s going to be great! Check out the Lied Lodge … I’ll keep you posted on the plans as they develop!