Announcing a collaboration between Dirty Girl Adventures and Up A Creek!  These two awesome outdoor adventure companies are going to collaborate in offering TWO great dates our for the Kayak Extravaganza!  Come out and give kayaking a try!  Bring your family and friends along and learn the basics of kayaking on beautiful Lake Perry!  You can extend your kayaking experience after the Extravaganza by signing up for an adventure on the Mighty Kaw with Dirty Girl Adventures or Up A Creek!  There will be lake based adventures to choose as well!  Dirty Girls, Dirty Dudes and Dirty Kids are all welcome!


This is your opportunity to get in a kayak if you’ve never been in one.  You can build up your kayak comfort level with this Adventurous Extravaganza.  Have you worried about getting in and out of the kayak? Tipping it?  Feeling comfortable and safe?  This is your chance to check it OUT! Will you like it?  I feel confident that the vast majority of you will be able to do it and will like it, likely you will LOVE it!


We will have solo kayaks, tandem kayaks and sit on top kayaks available for you to test paddle.  Although, we are not certified kayak instructors, we will be able to teach you the basics of lake and river kayaking in this awesome introductory adventure!


Sooooo, the long-awaited details!

You can choose between one of two days to check out kayaking.  Pre-registering will help us plan and accommodate all of you but you can show up or bring a friend along on the day of the event.  The cost will be $10 for the adventure.


What:  Test paddle a kayak, hang out with some awesome Dirty Peeps! 

When:  Sunday June 1st    JUST SHOW UP! 

When:  Sunday June 8th pre-register by June 4th!    Buy Now Button 


Time:  1pm – 5pm drop in event (You will each have AT LEAST 30 minutes in a kayak possibly 45 based on the availability)


Where:  Perry State Park Boat Ramp map you will actually take the road on the south side of the State Park Office.  Follow it westward to the boat ramp!

You will need to bring:  a refillable water bottle (I’ll have water jugs.), sunscreen, chair, towel, beverage of your choice, cash and/or your check book would be handy so you can pay for your next, longer kayaking adventure as well as purchase a NEW DIRTY GIRL SHIRT OR TANK TOP for kayaking season!!

You should plan to wear: A swimsuit or quick dry shorts/shirt, water shoes (NOT FLIP FLOPS) or old tennis shoes, a PFD – Personal Flotation Device (furnished by us), sunscreen,  sun glasses and maybe a good hat.

WEATHER:  We will kayak in mild weather – the only cancellation will be due to severe weather.  If the event is cancelled we will add a new date.

Awesomeness:  We will have check-in, waiver signing and Dirty Girl Camp set up next to the boat ramp!  WOOHOO!  Kayaking and hanging out with the Dirty Peeps!

Hope that you can come and join us for this Adventure and, of course many others!  If you have questions shoot me an email!






Yes! We got Down and Dirty for 3 miles!

Dirty Girls galore turned up for the event!  It was a special event designed for Dirty Girls only and sure enough, 67 Dirty Girls took the challenge!  We hit the Dirty Girl Camp at Lake Perry for some time around the fire.  Unfortunately, I was afraid to start the actual fire due to the wind but it didn’t matter.  Dirty Girls can meet, greet and cultivate conversation with or without a fire! 



The woods were full of encouraging words as well as Redbuds bursting with bright flowers and cheerful WOO WOO’s of Dirty Girls.  The age range of Dirty Girls was from 6 to 71 years young!  You are all beautiful and wonderful and full of potential! Remember to take a break, refresh and rejuvenate! We are better at helping, working, supporting the ones we love and care about when we are healthy and strong emotionally, spiritually and physically.

IMG_20140426_212223             20140426_135510

20140426_134848      1010717_10203581448919152_6431712319795819402_n

What a beautiful group of strong, dedicated and brave women!  What great role models for our young, strong girls as they grow into adulthood!   It is important to show our girls how to relax, unplug and bond and share with other strong and capable women. 


           OHHH!!! And how to be silly! 

1980455_10154105865495077_7137105427623217169_o         10300882_10203581449959178_6523350391246571739_n10277519_1491803451048011_8916905785217717605_n              20140426_135331

Ponder this  … many girls grow up hearing their women role models (mothers, sisters, aunts, teachers and women friends)  disparage their own bodies.  From tiny self criticism and ongoing deep dissatisfactions with our own bodies, we fail to teach our girls to love themselves just the way they are.  Let’s teach them that it’s ok to be who and how they are and to love themselves at every age and stage of life.  We are all different and beautiful – easy to say but hard to truly live and believe.  Must. Keep. Practicing this!

   momdonnaDD3   20140426_135414

Keep moving Dirty Girls!  Fast or slow, you get out there and take some steps!  Move your bodies and move your minds!  This is not because we don’t love who we are right now, today but because we DO LOVE ourselves and we deserve to be well cared for by ourselves!  Think of this handy Dirty Girl RULE … Don’t say something about your own body that you wouldn’t say to your best Dirty Girl friend to her face!  Really!  Share to positive heartfelt love and praise you share with others with yourself! 

OH!  Don’t forget to be silly!


See you on the next Dirty Girl Adventure!  xoxoxoxoxo

Another 8 Miles Recapped!

Better late than never!  I have been remiss in writing up some adventure stories over the past few months!  April 6th was a glorious weather day and the perfect day for our second 8 mile section of the Perry Lake Trail.  We started at Hog Holler Saloon to check in and load up the Party Hike Bus and head to the trailhead for the day.  We enjoyed a warm and gorgeous spring day along the trail.  53 hikers took the trail for this adventure!  Over hill and dale we tramped through the woods of Northeast Kansas. 


Dirty Girls, Dirty Dudes and Dirty Kids discovered the great outdoors, new friends and interesting sights along the trail.  The terrain was pretty mild in comparison to the previous section of the trail so we moved pretty quickly, covering the 8 miles in less than three hours! 


Dirty Girls and their Dirty Peeps don’t give up.  Instead, they work to know their own needs and pace.  It is important to challenge ourselves to improve but it is also important to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments along the way.  If your distance is 1 mile, 3 miles or 8 miles you deserve a WOO WOO for getting your butt off the couch, out of the house and onto the trail!  Keep it moving!  Catch up with a Dirty Peep and get it moving!


Check out these gorgeous and adventurous Dirty Kids!  The rock beach along the trail is a highlight of this section.  I am planning to spend a bit of time relaxing here this summer, possibly with my kayak!


The Perry Lake Trail is maintained by a volunteer organization called The Kansas Trail Council.  What a great group of workers!  We are loving the trail and the adventure their work allows us! Plus, these bridges are a great photo opp!



The coolest thing about a Dirty Girl Adventure is that it is full of fabulous!  We are all supportive of each other, accepting of differences and invested in quality time for ourselves and each other.  We are not just exercising, we are exploring!  There is quite a bit of WOOO WOO-ing along the trail as well as random guessing as to how far we have traveled!  We were happy to have a couple of support stops along the tail to refill our water and ring the cow bell to celebrate our progress.  Thanks to the Dirty Minions and the Token Male!  It’s always nice to have support and encouragement along the journey!


While we were at Hog Holler, we enjoyed a variety of food and beverages and CHECK THIS OUT!!  We are on the register with a 20% Discount!  It’s like we’re famous or something!  Thanks Clay for the Dirty Girl Discount on event days!  Hog Holler is a great venue!  It was very rewarding to be greeted and cheered by various folks when we arrived.  Two Dirty Girls joined up after watching the fun times as we rolled into Hog Holler!  Yay!  The Dirty Girls can’t wait for some hot summer days on the porch post kayaking! 


Stay tuned for more great Adventure Stories from Dirty Girl Adventures!  Next up, the Down and Dirty 3 Mile – and oh, what a story that is!

Thoughts on time …

Dirty Girls!  A few thoughts about time and self care and making time for yourself …


It is SOOOOO hard to prioritize time for ourselves. I know that I am not the only one with a million responsibilities. We are each trying to be responsible for ourselves and for others in our lives. Sometimes, we overextend.  We have good intentions and want to do a  good job and to be helpful. Too often though, our own good health (physical, emotional and spiritual) suffers.


I believe that we MUST take time for ourselves. Not because we are selfish but because when we are feeling our best, we do our best! If we are tired, grumpy, rushed, disorganized or disgruntled (although we will be all of those things sometimes!) we really aren’t doing justice to any of our responsibilities!

It’s time to decide to make a commitment to yourself to find this balance. For you. This commitment is good for your family and friends as well but you must do it for yourself first. Here are a few ideas I have on the subject.

DSC_0156 (2)

1. Learn to say NO. Politely, firmly with caring – take the time to look at your schedule, assess your other commitments and then, say NO. If you are already over committed, finish the commitment to the best of your ability
then politely pass the torch!
2. Reassess your values. What is important to you? It is okay to reassess commitments as time passes. What was a good fit for you last year may not fit today. If you need to pass some responsibilities to someone else, do so with grace – but DO IT!

3. Schedule time for yourself. Get it on the calendar next to the baseball game, the dance recital, and the laundry. Whether you are taking a hike or reading a book, scheduling a date night with your Dirty Dude, make a space for something that nurtures and refreshes you.
4. Stop working and waiting for “someday” to get here. Value where you are and how you are right now. Take joy in the moments you have instead of working towards the idea of a perfect _________ you can insert any word. (Body, job, house, etc.) Be happy with who you are and how you are! I remember weighing 135 and thinking I was fat. Ha!
5. Learn to delegate and live with less. Share the joy of responsibility with those you love! Teach responsibility by assigning jobs to others! Learn to live
with things a little less “perfect”.  Skip cleaning up the kitchen sometimes.

Go outside instead!