Thoughts on time …

Dirty Girls!  A few thoughts about time and self care and making time for yourself …


It is SOOOOO hard to prioritize time for ourselves. I know that I am not the only one with a million responsibilities. We are each trying to be responsible for ourselves and for others in our lives. Sometimes, we overextend.  We have good intentions and want to do a  good job and to be helpful. Too often though, our own good health (physical, emotional and spiritual) suffers.


I believe that we MUST take time for ourselves. Not because we are selfish but because when we are feeling our best, we do our best! If we are tired, grumpy, rushed, disorganized or disgruntled (although we will be all of those things sometimes!) we really aren’t doing justice to any of our responsibilities!

It’s time to decide to make a commitment to yourself to find this balance. For you. This commitment is good for your family and friends as well but you must do it for yourself first. Here are a few ideas I have on the subject.

DSC_0156 (2)

1. Learn to say NO. Politely, firmly with caring – take the time to look at your schedule, assess your other commitments and then, say NO. If you are already over committed, finish the commitment to the best of your ability
then politely pass the torch!
2. Reassess your values. What is important to you? It is okay to reassess commitments as time passes. What was a good fit for you last year may not fit today. If you need to pass some responsibilities to someone else, do so with grace – but DO IT!

3. Schedule time for yourself. Get it on the calendar next to the baseball game, the dance recital, and the laundry. Whether you are taking a hike or reading a book, scheduling a date night with your Dirty Dude, make a space for something that nurtures and refreshes you.
4. Stop working and waiting for “someday” to get here. Value where you are and how you are right now. Take joy in the moments you have instead of working towards the idea of a perfect _________ you can insert any word. (Body, job, house, etc.) Be happy with who you are and how you are! I remember weighing 135 and thinking I was fat. Ha!
5. Learn to delegate and live with less. Share the joy of responsibility with those you love! Teach responsibility by assigning jobs to others! Learn to live
with things a little less “perfect”.  Skip cleaning up the kitchen sometimes.

Go outside instead!


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