A few reasons to join the Dirty Girl Club!

Oh, Dirty Girls!  There are actually about a million reasons to join this club!  To be sure, you can come out with the Dirty Girls without being a Club Member but joining up brings benefits!  Some are silly and some are fun and some, some are rare! In no order – here are a few!


We have really awesome swag!  When you join the club you receive a super soft, specially designed t-shirt with your membership!  Comfy and attractive!

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We go on really cool scheduled events throughout the adventure season and members receive 20% off the majority of events and products!


We have an excellent secret Facebook group that doubles as a way to notify you of upcoming free gatherings/hikes/kayak trips and hang outs!  It also functions as a place to “meet up” with other Dirty Girls for hikes, kayak trips, biking and other cool stuff!


We send you a variety of “Club Only” news via email to keep you in the loop or to give you first dibs on special events!


We do cool stuff!


The connection to other women who are willing, committed and ready to take some time to nurture themselves and their Dirty friends is EXCELLENT and AMAZING! Camaraderie is an underrated thing in this world of social media, endless activity and multi-tasking.  When Dirty Girls meet up and spend some time to meet and talk and bond, the support, encouragement and understanding is an excellent feeling as well as usually pretty dang FUN!


DSCF5247     How do you join?  Check out the details in the Dirty Shop

Join us for the Spring Fling! Register HERE!

What is the Spring Fling?  It’s an 8 mile hike along the Perry Lake Trail!  The section that we will be hiking on March 28th, includes both fields and woodlands as we travel along the side of Lake Perry.  Below are all the Dirty Peeps who hiked with us on our very first hike last March 2014! We had a great time!  Although we won’t be hiking the same section of the Perry Lake Trail, I bet we will have another great time!  This hike is open to all Dirty Peeps – Dudes, Kids (must be able to hike 8 miles) and, of course, Dirty Girls!  DSCF4631 - Copy

The trail is rough and uneven with mild inclines/declines along the way.  We will expect to travel at a pace of about a 30 minute mile – give or take!  We will pause for snacks, rest and scenic views along the way!

When:  Saturday March 28th, 2015

Time:  Check-in between 9am and 9:30am

Pre-Register by 3-20!  $25 Regular Peeps, $20 Club Members (Includes bus ride, trail guide and support, snacks at the end) REGISTER HERE on the Dirty Shop under Events!  We will hike regardless of cold or snow – cancellation may occur due to wet conditions or severe weather.  Refunds are not available after the 20th as the bus and food will have been paid for by that date!

Where:  The Slough Creek Campground Group Camp Area at Lake Perry!

Wear/Bring:  Plan to wear long pants regardless of temperature.  The Perry Lake Trail is a wilderness trail and there will be brushy sections.  Bring water and snacks for along the trail   If you don’t have a hydration pack, a string bag or small back pack would be handy for water and a few good snacks.  Remember, we will be hiking 8 miles, that’s a lot of calories and energy expended.  You need both protein and some sugar to keep your energy flowing – good protein bars, trail mix, an apple!

The Basic Plan:  We will have feet on the trail by 10am and we should be relaxing around the campfire with some food and BYO beverages by 2ish. Dirty Girl Adventures will furnish a variety of snacks and water at the Campfire.  Plan to bring snacks and water for the hike!  You may choose to bring adult beverages to enjoy at the end of the hike.  Please plan to bring a chair for around the campfire! 

A variety of shirts will be available on the day of the event!

Last year it was pretty chilly – who knows what this year will bring!

DSCF4642 Scenes from the trail 2014! It is already greener than last year was!


We will be doing a different 8 mile section of the Perry Lake Trail than we did last March.  This section will take us from the north end of the trail back to Slough Creek Campground for hanging out by the fire.  We will make a stop at this awesome rock beach!


Eagle Hike turns into Snow Adventure!


Well, we had a super snowy adventure on February 28th!  Ironically, the Saturday before the Eagle Hike was in the 60’s and the weekend after it was in the 70’s!  However, the Eagle Hike dawned crisp  and 30* with light snow predicted early then heavy snow later in the afternoon.  Ha.  It snowed nice and steady all day long!!  Happily, it wasn’t super soggy snow or sleet so, of course, we hiked! Dirty Girls are always up for an adventure!


Two party buses carried 56 Dirty Peeps from our starting point, Crooked Post Winery, to our first Eagle destination.  A short hike along the trail led us to a sand bar on the Kansas River conveniently across from an Eagle nest!  While this trail is short, it has some GIANT Cottonwood trees in addition to birds and the sandbar stop. We love this trail due to accessibility, scenery, proximity to Eagles and to opportunity to chillax on a Kaw sandbar! This hike was a little more snowy than usual but it was awesome!  Photo credits to Dirty Photographer Kembry Gibbs, who caught some great shots!  Thanks Kembry!


The Kansas River is beautiful in every season!  It tells of adventure yet to come as well as secrets of times long past as it slides along.  Standing on the sand bar, watching the water flow past is balm for the soul, soothing the rough edges of our hectic lives.  Spending the day with a great group of people enjoying these things together is the key ingredient to Dirty Girl Adventures.  Bright sparks of new friendships combine with the nurturing of existing relationships and spirited laughter to make the adventure great!


The confluence of the Delaware and the Kansas Rivers is visible from this trail.  We saw several Eagles in the trees and flying along the Delaware River as we hiked the short loop along the trail.  We were able to see the Eagle’s heads where they were sitting on the eggs in their nest.  Eagles mate for life and share parenting duties, including nest sitting and feeding babies.


From the River stop, we traveled to a great spot along the Perry Lake Trail that offered wide views of the lake.  While there is a nest located close to this area, and we often see up to 12 Eagles over this water, we didn’t see any here on the Eagle Hike.  However, we had a great adventure!



There was no complaint as we spent this day together! We talked and laughed and learned a few facts about Eagles along the way.  Did you know that Female Eagles have an average wingspan of 6-7.5 feet??  Also, American Bald Eagles don’t have white heads and tails until they are 3 to 5 years old.  That means that when you see large birds soaring over water, that don’t have white heads and tails you are seeing juvenile American Bald Eagles – TEENAGERS!  Ha!



The snow was so beautiful.  This is me, searching for Eagles and spouting some facts about Eagles!  Did you know that Eagles have amazing vision?  They have 20/5 vision as opposed to the perfect human vision of 20/20!! Amazing!  They are the perfect example of why we should practice conservation.  They were almost extinct and now, they have been saved by quality decision making and care for our world.  Pretty cool, huh?



Everyone had rosy cheeks and multiple layers of clothes to peel off by the time we returned to the Crooked Post Winery for snacks and, of course, wine tasting!  Lori and Kevin Henderson have created a great destination winery – great because the wine the create from Kansas grown vines is delicious, because the facility is gorgeous and comfortable, because they are excellent hosts!  Dirty Girl Adventures brought a great spread of snacks that were seriously augmented by some excellent wine! Be sure to plan a visit to Crooked Post Vineyard and Winery when you are out and about this spring!


So many people are ready for adventure!  Will you join us next time?  

Check out our upcoming adventures in the Dirty Shop!