A few reasons to join the Dirty Girl Club!

Oh, Dirty Girls!  There are actually about a million reasons to join this club!  To be sure, you can come out with the Dirty Girls without being a Club Member but joining up brings benefits!  Some are silly and some are fun and some, some are rare! In no order – here are a few!


We have really awesome swag!  When you join the club you receive a super soft, specially designed t-shirt with your membership!  Comfy and attractive!

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We go on really cool scheduled events throughout the adventure season and members receive 20% off the majority of events and products!


We have an excellent secret Facebook group that doubles as a way to notify you of upcoming free gatherings/hikes/kayak trips and hang outs!  It also functions as a place to “meet up” with other Dirty Girls for hikes, kayak trips, biking and other cool stuff!


We send you a variety of “Club Only” news via email to keep you in the loop or to give you first dibs on special events!


We do cool stuff!


The connection to other women who are willing, committed and ready to take some time to nurture themselves and their Dirty friends is EXCELLENT and AMAZING! Camaraderie is an underrated thing in this world of social media, endless activity and multi-tasking.  When Dirty Girls meet up and spend some time to meet and talk and bond, the support, encouragement and understanding is an excellent feeling as well as usually pretty dang FUN!


DSCF5247     How do you join?  Check out the details in the Dirty Shop

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