Scheduled Dirty Girl Adventures Events! Check your calendars now!

Here are the basic details for our schedule from July 11th through October 25th.  Check your calendars and get registered asap!  All kayak events have limited spots so it is first come first serve.


In case you are wondering about our refund policy – refunds are given up to one week before the date of the event no questions asked.  After that, refunds are not given unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Dirty Girl Adventures may cancel an event due to weather or conditions, everyone will receive a refund if that is the reason for the cancellation.  We will paddle and hike in cool, rainy or snowy conditions.  Cancellation only occurs in severe weather or other dangerous conditions.

Please note the variation in kayaking events – there is a plan A and a plan B to accommodate difficult or unsafe river conditions.

We hope that you can find the time to enjoy an adventure with us!  All events include instruction, guide service and support throughout.  Kayak adventures include kayaks, paddles and life jackets as well.

Click on the event date/title to be taken to the Dirty Shop for registration!  All of these events (except the Relax Retreat) are open to Dirty Girls, Dirty Dudes and Dirty Kids! 


July 11th, 2015  Saturday Paddle

Plan A is a Kansas River Run – Plan B is a Lake Expedition.

The river is VERY iffy based on lake releases and ongoing rain but we remain optimistic. We will decide which event we are going to do on July 10th. The time frame for the day regardless of which plan we choose is as follows; check in at 3pm paddle from 4-8pm. Sunset is at 8:45pm so while we may choose to linger for a beautiful sunset, we definitely be off the water by last light at 10:00!

You will receive an email with details about what to bring and where to meet approximately one week before the event.


July 18th, 2015 Sunrise Lake Yak 

Join us for an early morning float to enjoy the first light of morning on the lake. We paddle out at 7:30am and we’ll be off the water by 9:30am.

You will receive an email with details about what to bring and where to meet approximately one week before the event.


July 24th, 2015  Friday Float 

Plan A is the Kansas River – Plan B is a Lake expedition. I am SUPER optimistic that the Kansas River will be looking good by the end of July! Plan to start your weekend early and take the day off! Check in is at 9am and we will be on the water from 10- 2ish. Let’s hope it’s the river but acknowledge that ANY kayaking time is better than none!

You will receive an email with details about what to bring and where to meet approximately one week before the event.


August 1st, 2015  Full Moon Yak 

This is a special time to be on the water, the water always reflects the sky so it will be amazing! We will paddle from 7-9pm on the smooth water of the lake. Odds are in favor of a campfire and some s’mores as well!


August 29th, 2015 The Third Annual Ass Kicker!

We will paddle 20 miles on the Kansas River! It’s an all day kinda deal, plan now! Want to see some pictures and read the story of last year’s Ass Kicker? This isn’t a race, it’s just a long day on the river which makes it an awesome day!  We will be hot, the water might be low (although who knows at this point) and we will spend about 8 hours on the water.  Sign up now for this excellent adventure!

DSC_0954September 19th, 2015  Dirty Girls RELAX

Our second annual RETREAT! It’s all day and will feature an art project massage, yoga, food, relaxing, paddling, walking, sitting and awesomeness! Prices to be determined as the awesomeness is aligned!

DSCF5333October 24th/25th, 2015 Dirty Girls Go all the Way!

We will hike the ENTIRE Perry Lake Trail – 30 miles give or take! Camping in a tent or a camper will probably be part of this as well as food and fun and fitness! Details are coming together, prices TBD.  Would you like to see some pictures and read the story about the time the Dirty Girls went all the way last year?  Check it out here!

It’s finally SUMMER!

Yes, the rain has stopped and things are heating up!  Yay!  It’s time to get on the water here in Northeast Kansas.  We haven’t been able to get on the Kansas River due to flooding which is a total sadness, however, we have been paddling on the lake as often as possible! We replaced our First Float on the Kaw with a great paddle on Perry Lake.  Redy2Party bus company was on hand to transport us so that we could see more of the lake. We had Dirty Girls, Dirty Dudes and Dirty Kids on board.


We paddled out on a beautiful, sunny day – not too hot, not too windy – just right!           The flooding made the launch a bit muddy but the water still felt great! 10310624_458066521034603_7663250940302296107_n 1897779_458391291002126_3150323038774868740_n

10943674_458391254335463_637908852605271140_n  1970488_458391274335461_5732755131464941280_n  10300679_1230757343617186_5594742229784394203_n

It felt like summer had finally arrived! Even though there are no sandbars on which to laze, the flooded boat ramp offered some relaxation for lunch and socializing.

10448596_10153485935160625_4336596228737008484_o 11268074_10153485934975625_1413316080509171923_n

It was a lovely day for a first float!  Stay tuned for the opportunity to join us for more adventures soon!  It’s finally SUMMER!  Come outside with us!