Vision your 2016!

There is one week left to sign up (still a few spots left) for the Vision your Year: Reimagine your Life event! As Jennifer and I continue to prepare for this event, we get more and more excited!  We believe that it is important to develop a vision for ourselves that is both challenging and possible to attain. As you prepare to come to the event, (sign up now, spots are filling up) we suggest that you give thought to your vision for the year before you attend.  We encourage you to give some thought to your year even if you can’t attend 😉


Your vision board is uniquely yours and can reflect your vision in any way that works for you – it can be  broad or specific or a combination of both. We have been pondering our own visions for 2016 and have found these prompts to be helpful.

What do I hope to achieve in 2016? Do I have specific goals in mind? What will life be like when I have met these goals?  What action will I need to take to meet these goals? How will I know that I am on track to meet these goals?

What does self care mean to me?
What behaviors am I doing when I am practicing self-care?

What are my hopes and dreams for the coming year?
Do I want to focus on a specific area of my life?
What words help me to identify, clarify and focus my future vision?

Are there specific things I want to do? Are there any specific things that I’d like to learn? Is there anything that I really want to achieve, acquire, or work towards?

It’s ok to put things like get a new car, make more money, learn french, go on a cruise on your vision board! After all, you will need to stay focused on your intention to accomplish these types of things.

Consider making a list of your thoughts and ideas as you think about what might make sense on your unique vision board.

At the workshop you will receive all the materials necessary to create a vision board that is unique to you.  You will also receive instruction and support in focusing and shaping your vision. We will discuss how you might move forward with clear intent and purpose in following the path that that you envision. You will also learn several mindfulness strategies and the corresponding skills that you can practice throughout the year.

We believe that use of the vision board as well as the skills and strategies you will learn can support you in staying positive, focused and in pursuing your vision for 2016 with intent and purpose.

Denise is a Masters level Social Worker with over 20 years experience in counseling individuals of all ages. Her emphasis is on increasing self awareness, self-advocacy and mindfulness to help individuals manage their lives and emotions with thoughtful purpose and intent. Jennifer is an Occupational Therapist with over 15 years of experience working with individuals of all ages . Her emphasis is supporting them in attaining and practicing the skills and strategies that will help them further their lives in the direction of their dreams. They will bring their combined years of experience to this workshop to support you in creating a unique piece of artwork that will be useful in supporting your pursuit of your vision for 2016.

Sign up now to attend!


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