Lake Yak Events are Scheduled!

20140625_203409Yay!  It’s almost time to get on the water with our kayaks!  We have two events scheduled back to back on May 22nd.  The first, an afternoon Lake Yak will include paddling from 3:30-5:30pm.  The second, a Sunset Lake Yak will include paddling from 6:30-8:30pm. Choose the time slot that fits your schedule best.

1545103_10152568020883593_573806904773561628_nWe will gather to paddle Lake Perry on a warm and sunny (hopefully) afternoon. Join us to spend two hours on the lake. Renters will receive instruction, all necessary gear (kayak, paddle, life jacket) and guided support while on the water. This adventure is bound to be relaxing and rejuvenating for you and your friends. We will paddle out along the shore line to see any possible wildlife, while talking and connecting along the way. Bring your beverages and a lawn chair for around the fire.

DSCF5175WHAT: 2 hour Lake Yak – renters receive use of a kayak, paddle, life jacket, instruction, guide on the water

WHEN: May 22nd from 3:30 – 5:30pm CHECK IN TIME IS 3pm

WHEN: May 22nd from 6:30 – 8:30pm CHEKC IN TIME IS 6pm

WHERE: Old Town Campground, Lake Perry

COST: $30 per person, $24 Club, $5 OYO

20140814_192941CANCELLATION and REFUND POLICY: You will be eligible for a refund if you notify Denise by email at NO LATER than one week before the event. After that date, no refunds will be given. Every effort to sell your spot to a person on the waiting list will be made but after one week prior to the event there are no guarantees. DGA will cancel an event if there is a concern regarding safety, primarily due to severe or extremely inclement weather or conditions.

DSCF5189WHAT ARE YOU PAYING FOR: Experienced instruction and guide, organization of event, lifting, hauling, cleaning, loading, use of a kayak, paddle and PFD Personal Flotation Device

Down and Dirty 3 Mile Hike

It’s time for a Dirty Family adventure!  Are you ready for a short hike and a great time? This is it!  This hike is appropriate for all abilities – we have pavement and some pasture hills to climb for those who choose the “off-road” route.


It’s a day at the lake, unplug and slow down to enjoy your peeps and yourself at the Lake.  Plan a special day for your family, Dirty Kids of all ages are free!  Have you been searching for a way to connect with and unplug your kid? Come spend the afternoon with the Dirty Girls!  DSCF4802

Bring your Dirty Dude, Dirty Mom, Dirty Dad, Dirty Friends…. oh, and a chair for around the campfire!  We will have some special activities throughout the afternoon to provide some extra entertainment for you and yours.


WHEN:  May 7th, check in time is 12:30pm

WHERE: Slough Creek Education Conservation Point – From Oskaloosa go South on Hwy 59 to 70th Road, turn west onto 70th at the T intersection turn left onto Kiowa Road – follow signsmomdonnaDD3_thumb.jpg

COST: $30 per adult – school age youth are FREE – a donation to the Conservation District will be made from your fee. SIGN UP NOW IN THE DIRTY SHOP!

WHAT: A 3 Mile scenic hike along a paved trail (pasture path available for those who’d like a hill climb) wheel chair and stroller accessible.

WHO:  You and your family, friends – all ages are welcome!

WHAT ELSE: Time around the campfire, bring a chair, bring a picnic, connect with friends, hands on activities, plan to spend the afternoon at the lake


Time to schedule your adventure!

It’s that time of year! You are beginning to think of Summer; you’re making plans in your head about the wonderful things you would like to do with your friends and your family. Do you remember last year, when you called to book a private kayaking event and we didn’t have an open date? Yes, that’s right! We are currently booking private Adventures for spring, summer and fall here at Dirty Girl Adventures.


If you would like to take your friends,  family or business colleagues on any type of private adventure with us, you should choose a few dates that would work for your group and call us immediately.  Remember that we offer special pricing for youth and special populations.  Contact us at or call/email Denise at 785-608-7888 or call/email Jennifer 785-224-0351


Our packaged private events include several great options for you to choose from and for you to customize to meet the needs of your group. Remember, that Denise and Jennifer can also facilitate educational and informational instructions in order to support team building and group connections.


We offer packaged events, to get you started in your adventure.

Schedule your Lake Yak on Perry Lake, Clinton Lake or Lake Shawnee.  The minimum number of participants is 6 with a maximum of 20ish. Cost:  $30 per person for 2 hours – additional hours are $15 each. It’s $10 per person for a basic meal (special arrangements for more detailed meals can be negotiated) *OYO cost: $10 per person plus $10 with basic meal. Lake Yaks are great  for connecting with your family and friends unplugged and in nature.  They can be scheduled at any time during the day or evening , Morning Yaks and Sunset Yaks are very popular options.

DSC_0843Want a little more time on the water with your peeps?  Schedule a River Run! We generally run from Lecompton to Lawrence but would happily talk about running other sections of the river with some pricing adjustments. Options include Lawrence to Eudora, Eudora to DeSoto and Manhattan towards Topeka. The run from Lecompton to Lawrence is 10 miles and generally takes from four to six hours depending on conditions and your choice of paddling energy or breaks for food and river play. The minimum number of participants is 6 with a maximum of 20. Kaw River Runs can be scheduled for a weekday during the month of June and July, you could also choose an evening with an early start or a weekend. Cost for a Local River Run starts at $40 or $50 with a basic meal. Alternate routes and more complex meals can be negotiated. Kayak rental includes all your gear as well as instruction and support for your adventure.

A perfect combination adventure is the Hike-n-Yak. We have access to a couple of locations that are perfect for this combination adventure. Combine a hike of any length, on trail or pavement, with time on the lake in the kayak. We can switch from one activity to the next or we can split your group into two smaller groups then come back together for food and fellowship around the fire. Duration of this event is negotiable which impacts price. Cost: starts at $15 per person.20140625_203409.jpg

Hiking adventures are a great way to get your family and friends unplugged and connected. Private hiking events are very popular for groups of young people, people who would like to learn more about local trails  and anyone who wants to spend some time outside. Our average cost for this type of event is $15 per person per hour. We can also provide your food and time around the campfire for an additional fee. A couple of packaged options are Dirty Girl Trail Hike – 8 miles This adventure is generally a 4 – 6 hour time commitment depending on the addition of a meal (campfire option is available) or your group’s choice of speed. Minimum number of hikers should be 8. Cost per person: $30 or $40 with a basic meal. Other meal deals are available with discussion.  Dirty Girl Trail Hike – 3 Miles Do you prefer a wilderness trail or a paved trail? Either way we can accommodate you! This event can be appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.  This adventure generally takes 2 to 4 hours depending on the addition of a meal and time around the campfire.  Minimum number of hikers 10.  Cost per person: $20 or $30 with a basic meal.


March Madness: an excellent adventure!

The day dawned bright and beautiful on March 5th, 2016 making it a perfect day for a Dirty Girl Adventure!  We gathered around the campfire to start the hike, socializing and anticipating.  The trail was difficult with rocky inclines and declines and twists and turns following the natural edge of the lake.  The women arrived and gathered with a palpable sense of anticipation and eagerness for adventure.

FB_IMG_1457320543756 (1)

With some initial instruction and explanation of the route and the Dirty Girl technique of lead, sweep and support, we began with some yogic stretching and then we hit the trail!



We were amazed by the weather, calm and sunny.  Our time on the trail was spent with conversation and connection.  The front of the group moved fairly quickly while the tail took their time – no Dirty Girl left behind!  We aren’t racing, we are just hiking and talking and cultivating awareness of the amazing nature around us.  The Perry Lake Hiking Biking Trails are wonderfully maintained by the Kansas Trails Council.


I’m not so great at articulating the amazingness that occurrs during aDirty Girl Adventure, but luckily we were accompanied by a reporter from the Topeka Capital Journal, Morgan Chilson who is much more skilled at articulating what an adventure is like!  Click here to read the article she wrote. It has pictures, because photographer Emily Deshazer was along for the hike as well!  We knew that they would be writing an article, but the part where it was amazing and full of great stuff, true stuff about what it’s like to be part of a Dirty Girl Adventure was overwhelmingly excellent.  What an honor, not just for us, but for all of the Dirty Girls who make up the rich and supportive community we call the Dirty Girl Club!  She was a little challenged to hike the whole 8 miles, it’s quite the challenge  so you can read Morgan’s op ed piece here – she needs wine!


FB_IMG_1457272117627We may need to add a new section to the Dirty Girl Creed that mentions that “anytime a Dirty Girl needs an adult beverage post-hike she needs only ask”.  We ended with quality time around the the fire connecting with the Dirty Girls!  Our next big hiking adventure is coming up, 8 More Miles will be on April 2nd, the Dirty Girls Get Away: Hike and Retreat at the Lied Lodge and Indian Cave State Park is April 29th through May 1st and the Down and Dirty 3 Mile will be on May 7th.  There is an adventure for everyone at Dirty Girl Adventures!


These Dirty Girls took the funniest picture!  😀


Photos by Emily Deshazer, Denise Selbee-Koch, Jennifer Hix, Kay Kuglin-Smith, Lorraine Leicht Gillgannon.