Sign Up NOW for the June 17th River Run!

Check in at Eudora River Access: 1:45pm Don’t be late! We will leave our vehicles in Eudora and board the Dirty Bus to ride back to our start location in Lawrence.

OYO’s Gear Drop in Lawrence: 1:00pm Drop your gear and get yourself to Eudora for the ride on the Dirty Bus

Paddle from Lawrence: 2:30ish

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Cost:   Kayak/Equipment Use: Regular price $40 Club Member Price $30

OYO’s are SOLD OUT – OYO – Own your Own Price: Regular price $15 Member Price $10

Off River in Eudora no later than 8pm … give or take! The end time is dependent on the flow of the river and the group. Don’t plan on anything other than going with the flow post paddle.

Plan to bring: Water, food like DINNER, snacks, sun screen, water, bug spray, adult beverages, sun screen.

Wear: shorts, tank, t-shirt, swimsuit, water shoes or old tennis shoes – no flip flops

Details: We will send an email with details (map and directions) specific to the event a few days BEFORE June 17th.  All events are subject to the whims of Kansas Weather and the flow of the Mighty Kaw – we will make adjustments as needed to ensure your safety and the most enjoyable adventure possible.


What are you paying for? Other than an AMAZINGLY GREAT time with a bunch of AWESOME people!!!???

Kayak Events: Use of a kayak, paddle, life jacket and all of the lifting, hauling, planning and coordination needed to make this happen. Renters and Oyo’s are paying for a lake/river guide and experienced safety paddlers who will ensure that your trip is safe and that you receive instruction and support along the way. We will have supplies necessary to provide basic first aid on the river or lake. You will also have the opportunity to ride on the bus! For you OYO’s, there will also be a Dirty Minion to guard your gear after you drop it off – remember though, that the lifting, hauling, loading is on you unless you are going to tip the minions!

While we hope that everyone who plans to come on an adventure with us is able to make it, we understand that sometimes plans change. However, organizing and planning for adventures takes time and care thus we need a refund policy.


Dirty Girl Adventures Refund Policy:

Refunds are given up to one week before the date of the event no questions asked. After that, refunds are not given unless there are exceptional circumstances. Dirty Girl Adventures may cancel an event due to weather or conditions. Everyone will receive a refund if that is the reason for the cancellation. We will paddle and hike in cool, rainy or snowy conditions. Cancellation only occurs in severe weather or other dangerous conditions. Watch your email for last minute notifications.

Equipment policy: You break it or lose it you buy it.



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