Summertime with DGA!

20170607_145053Hello!  We hope that you have been making time to GET OUTSIDE!  Remember, taking time to nourish your soul isn’t selfish, it’s self care. Self care is important for each and every one of us. Make some time today to get out and feel the soft air on your skin!

We’ve added some new opportunities to join us for some outdoor adventure! We’d love to take you outside!  Check out our new events in the DIRTY SHOP for more details!


Saturday July 22nd we will be offering 2 events to get you on the RIVER!

River Saturday – Check in at 9:30am at the Rising Sun River Access in Lecompton to board the Dirty Bus for a short paddle down the Delaware River to the Mighty Kaw. We will enjoy some time on the sandbar and be off River by early afternoon.

Delaware Dinner Dash– Check in at 4:45pm at the Rising Sun River Access in Lecompton to board the Dirty Bus for a short paddle down the Delaware River to the Mighty Kaw. We will enjoy dinner and the sunset from the sandbar getting off River about 9pm.

We hope that you are all enjoying the beautiful weather that we have been having in Northeast Kansas. Here are a few pictures of what we’ve been doing so far this summer.

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3 New Events Added! Come Outside with US!

We’ve added some new opportunities to join us for an outdoor adventure! Check out our new events in the DIRTY SHOP for more details!

  • Sunset Lake Yak – Wednesday June 21st, 2017 5:45pm Check in time – paddle from 6:30 – 8:30 Join us for a relaxing paddle on Lake Perry! We will gear up and paddle out to enjoy the scenery and company before sunset. This event will NOT be at Old Town Campground 😉 we will be selecting another location to explore from the water. You will receive an email with details as we approach June 21st. Sunset paddles are designed for relaxation and rejuvenation mid-week. Prepare to relax and enjoy the evening with the Dirty Girls! Dirty Dudes and kids are welcome to join us!10702234_10204912837049643_3884624319248067511_n
  • River Run – Saturday July 1st, 2017 Check in time at St. George River Access at 11:00am Two rivers for the price of one! Yes! We will launch onto the Blue River in Manhattan and paddle down to the Kansas River, getting off River in St. George for 11.5 miles on the Mighty Kaw! Everyone is welcome! You will check in at the St. George River Front Park Access at 11:00am Don’t be late because we will board the Dirty Bus promptly to ride back to our start location in Manhattan. We’ll be off river late in the afternoon after floating, paddling and exploring sandbars along the way. Don’t plan on anything other than going with the flow post paddle.


  • Instructional Kayaking – From Launch to Load! Wednesday June 28th, 2017 Check in time 5:45pm Instruction from 6:15 – 8:30  Are you a little worried about your first time kayaking? Although we provide instruction and support at every kayaking event, we know that some of you are more uncomfortable with the idea than others. You need a smaller group, more direct communication and you want to know the details … THIS event is for YOU! We will provide instruction and support before and during the event. We will answer all of your questions, demonstrate techniques and talk you through it from launch to load! Perry Lake LOCATION – will be finalized about one week before the event based on conditions. You will receive an email as we approach June 28th

asskickfaveFor all of these events you should….

Plan to bring: Water, food, snacks, sun screen, water, adult beverages, sun screen, water, umbrella or parasol, an old t-shirt or water UPF shirt

Wear: shorts, tank, t-shirt, swimsuit, water shoes or old tennis shoes – no flip flops

What are you paying for? Use of a kayak, paddle, life jacket and all of the lifting, hauling, planning and coordination needed to make this happen. Renters and OYO’s are paying for a river/lake guide and experienced safety paddlers who will ensure that your trip is safe and that you receive instruction and support along the way. We will have supplies necessary to provide basic first aid on the river or lake. Dirty Minions will provide the muscle to push renters out and pull renters in – they will also do all the lifting and loading of DGA kayaks. If OYO’s are interested in support from Minions, please consider tipping them. Their first responsibility is to renters who by definition need more support. Owning your own kayak entitles you to a lower price and your own lifting, hauling, loading etc.

Our refund policy: Refunds are given up to one week before the date of the event no questions asked, after that there are no refunds. Dirty Girl Adventures may cancel an event due to weather or conditions, everyone will receive a refund if that is the reason for the cancellation. We will paddle and hike in cool, rainy or snowy conditions. Cancellation only occurs in severe weather or due to other dangerous conditions.

Equipment policy: You break it or lose it you buy it.