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Compass Point Home of Dirty Girl Adventures

Compass Point home of Dirty Girl Adventures is located at 800 North Kansas Avenue in Topeka, Kansas this is within the NOTO Arts and Entertainment District.


Thursday 5-8pm ( yoga class from 5:30-6:30)

Friday 5-8pm – on 1st or 3rd Fridays we are open until 10 or 11pm

Saturday 11-4pm

The opening of Compass Point on April 5th, 2019 was the fulfillment of a dream shared by Denise and Jennifer to have a basecamp for our people and our business. We wanted a place where we could gather, socialize, teach, learn, share, and sell some retail products that we loved. We found our basecamp at 800 North Kansas Avenue in Topeka. Our two attached buildings were built in 1880 and 1905 respectively and the property includes an amazing outdoor courtyard area! We believe that this unique property is a great fit for Dirty Girl Adventures. It is a unique place only TWO BLOCKS from the Kansas River! It’s also in NOTO, the Arts and Entertainment District in Topeka, which is a vibrant and growing neighborhood full of fun and diversity. PERFECT!

It’s funny how the fulfillment of a dream actually leads to more dreaming and a LOT MORE WORK! With the purchase of the shop, we began expanding our dreams and our services. We are definitely still in a growth phase as we are challenged more than ever before to learn more about owning and managing a commercial property, branching out into retail sales and working to plan even more adventures and special events for our customers. Our goal, as ever, remains quality service that supports and empowers people to live their best lives in connection with nature, self and others.

We have been supported by our families, friends and customers as we have worked to grow this place. We are thankful for every single one of you! We know that our dream that Compass Point home of Dirty Girl Adventures will grow into a vibrant gathering place for people to connect, learn, enjoy and thrive is already a reality. We are thankful and we are excited to keep learning and growing at Compass Point. Come visit us!

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