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Create your own Private Adventure

Why should you schedule a private event with Dirty Girl Adventures? Because it is designed just for you! The level of difficulty and duration can meet the needs of your group. Whether you would like hiking, kayaking or a combination of both, we can create a great adventure for you! Bring your family, friends, office mates or youth group and come outside!


Is it time for a family reunion?  Find time for something different to do with your multi-generational group.  Do you need a day out of the office?  Take the team down the river with some special team building activities incorporated into the event.  We offer special rates for youth. Scouts, 4H Club, student exchange groups?  Groups of girlfriends, guy friends, work groups?  Dirty Girl Adventures is happy to work with you to meet YOUR unique needs.

Adventure Ideas!

Here are five adventures that can serve as a base for your ideas. We can meet your exact needs by creating something unique and completely original just for you!


Lake Yak

In two hours on beautiful Lake Perry, Lake Clinton or Lake Shawnee you will learn the basics of kayaking while enjoying the scenery and time with your group. Anytime is the right time to hit the lake! Minimum number is 10 with a maximum of 30.

Cost:  $40 per person

Want to add a campfire meal? We’ll provide one for an additional $10 per person for a traditional campfire meal.


River Run 

Travel down the Kansas River on one of our favorite sections.  This will take from four to six hours depending on conditions and our choice of paddling energy or breaks for food. The minimum number is 10 with a maximum of 30ish.

Cost per person:  $50

Want to add a campfire meal on the sandbar? We’ll provide one for an additional $10 per person



This adventure is the perfect way to spend a day for any group! Combine a hike of any length with time on the lake in the kayak. We can switch from one activity to the next or we can split the group then come back together for food and fellowship around the fire. Duration of this event is a minimum of 4 hours.

Cost: starts at $80 per person

Want to add a campfire meal? We’ll provide one for an additional $10 per person.

Dirty Girl Trail Hike 8 miles

This adventure is generally a 4 – 6 hour time commitment depending on the addition of a meal (campfire option is available) or your group’s choice of speed. Minimum number of hikers is 10 – maximum is 40ish!

Cost per person: $40

Want to add a campfire meal? We’ll provide one for an additional $10 per person for a basic meal.

DSCF5352Dirty Girl Trail Hike – 3 Miles

Do you prefer a wilderness trail or a paved trail? Either way we can accommodate you! This event can be appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.  This adventure generally takes 2 to 4 hours depending on the group. Minimum number of hikers 10. Cost per person: $30


Get outside!  

For more info contact… 

Denise at deniseselbeekoch@gmail.com or by phone at  785-608-7888!


Jennifer at jenniferwoerner@yahoo.com or by phone at 785-224-0351


What are you paying for? Other than an AMAZINGLY GREAT time with a bunch of AWESOME people!!!???

Kayak Events: DGA will provide you the use of a kayak, paddle and life jacket. We’ll also do all of the lifting, hauling, planning and coordination needed to make this happen. We provide initial instruction, a lake or river guide on the water as well as experienced safety paddlers. We will ensure that your trip is safe and that you receive instruction and support along the way. We will have supplies necessary to provide basic first aid on the river or lake. You may also have the opportunity to ride the Dirty Bus! 

Hiking Events: Dirty Girl Adventures, LLC will monitor the weather and conditions to ensure that our event and participants are safe. We are a knowledgeable and informed guide service that includes a leading guide and a sweep guide during the hike. Trail support including: first aid, knowledge of the environment and locale, safety monitoring, pacing, interpretive information on the environment and location. Some events include a campfire and meal at the end of the hike!

While we hope that everyone who plans to come on an adventure with us is able to make it, we understand that sometimes plans change. However, organizing and planning for adventures takes time and care thus we need a refund policy.

Dirty Girl Adventures Private Event Refund Policy:   Refunds are given up to one week before the date of the event no questions asked.  If refunds impact your minimum, the event will be cancelled and everyone will get a refund.  One week prior to the event, refunds are not given unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Dirty Girl Adventures may cancel an event due to weather conditions. Everyone will receive a refund if that is the reason for the cancellation.  We will paddle and hike in cool, rainy or snowy conditions.  Cancellation only occurs in severe weather or other dangerous conditions.

Equipment policy: You break it or lose it you buy it.

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